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The Book

Skill Sheets is a practical resource for understanding and developing core skills that all university students need to obtain. In a very concise manner, this book shows how these skills are related and how one can develop and work with many skills simultaneously. With these skills to hand, students are able to maintain a better focus on the content of their course. Developed and at RSM Erasmus University, it has been thoroughly tested over many years by both students and professors, and improved accordingly.


Rob van Tulder, Professor of International Business-Society Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam/Rotterdam School of Management. He holds a PhD degree (cum laude) in social sciences from the University of Amsterdam. Published in particular on the following topics: European Business, Multinationals, high-tech industries, Corporate Social Responsibility, the global car industry, issues of standardisation, network strategies, smaller industrial countries (welfare states) and European Community/Union policies.

How to purchase

The book – Skill Sheets – An Integrated Approach to Research, Study and Management - (2018, ISBN 9789043033503) can be ordered directly online by clicking one of the following links depending your country of origin:

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Self-assessment for study

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Explanation of your individual score

0-20 Unaware

You have just started your skills journey. It looks like you are unaware yet of your skills in this area. It is good to know that developing your skills awareness is easily done. You just need to pay a bit of attention. Try to recognize the moments you are working with this skill as learning opportunities. You can ask your friends to give you feedback. Make active reflection on your skills part of your daily life, so that you learn where you really stand! The main message to you is to start observing your own behavior and to reflect on it.

20-40 Early stage skills development

Well done! You are very much aware of your development needs. That is a nice accomplishment! Do you have the right overview which basic skills need attention most? That is important for you as a person! You do score relatively low. Check your scores for too much self-criticism. If you want to improve your basic skills, make sure to practice every time an opportunity is available! Discuss with your friends / colleagues where they think you can improve most in the short and long term! It is very valuable feedback and it gives directions where to start first. Proceed this journey with care and enjoy practicing all relevant skills. Apply the learning cycle carefully. Plan your exercises and determine on beforehand what you expect to experience and what feedback you will receive. Reflect afterward and see where your performance was different from what you expected and try to understand why this is. Take these learnings to plan your enhanced approach for your next try. Make your performance spiral up!

40-60 Average skills development

You are at a crossroads! You master all basic skills and have developed a number skills far beyond the basic level already! That is a very nice accomplishment! It is up to you now whether you want to start investing more time in yourself or can you learn more when starting coaching other people. Think about this opportunity carefully! Probably it is the best to make a combination of both. Invest even more time in your personal skill development and create more and more opportunities to support other people with their skill development! This gives you the best chances to move up on the skills proficiency ladder!

60-80 Advanced skills development

Nice to know you are on the way to become a real skills professional! You master most skills in a very decent way. In which area do you need to improve most? Or where can you even strengthen your skills to the highest professional level? You can teach other people where they can improve most on their skills. Share your feedback with others and make them aware of their skills deficiencies! It is time for you to challenge yourself to the maximum in reaching the highest skill level! Remain practicing your skills and go for the last stage in becoming the real skills expert of your company! Cheers!

80-100 Professional skills Master

It is amazing! You are a very skilled professional. Your performance on this skill area must be noticeable effective and will probably be actively recognized by others. Consider being their skills guru. As you are very skilled, you will realize that you could check whether you set the bar high enough. Are you at the top of the food chain in your peer group? Do you have the ambition to grow to that same level compared to professionals that on average operate on a higher level on this skill area? The learning never stops. Neither does enjoying the fruits of your labor.

'An Integrated Approach to Research, Study and Management'